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At Aurora Stone, we supply porcelain sintered stone benchtops comprising two main ingredients. First ingredient is a special powdered clay and coloured pigments. Next, it is bonded together at an incredibly high temperature and pressure.

Of course, this results in both a heat and fire-resistant material. As such, it proves itself excellent for a range of applications. You can make use of it as a durable benchtop covering. On the other hand, you can use it as splashback surfaces around gas cooktops and ovens. Keep in mind that this material features high density and low porosity. Consequently, it’s especially ideal for use in the kitchen.

What Makes Our Benchtops Right for Your Perth Home?

Do you consider yourself an avid cook? If so, then you will be sure to appreciate the superior strength of this material. No doubt, you can expect it to withstand against the harsh daily use and abuse that you subject your kitchen to. What’s more, low porosity means that you won’t have to worry about accidental spillages causing irreversible stains. This will also prevent bacteria build-up on your porcelain benchtop.  

Indeed, porcelain benchtops perth prove themselves as a tough and hygienic solution. As a result, they provide the perfect all-rounder for homeowners. In particular, they allow you to enjoy a little bit of everything.

Moreover, you can also use this material for both interior and exterior applications. This is because porcelain benchtops perth don’t fade in sunlight, due to its high level of UV resistance. Could you have just found the ideal stone surface covering material for your outdoor kitchen? It looks like you may have.

Why Choose Aurora Stone ?

Aurora Stone’s porcelain sintered stone are not only ideal for kitchen benchtops. They are also ideal for furniture fronts, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom. Not only that, it’s also perfect for wall cladding and flooring. And best of all, it is fit for use for both interior and exterior applications.

At Aurora Stone, we aim to provide as many style options as possible. That way, you can always turn to our range of porcelain products with confidence.

You’ll be able to find the perfect solution from our range, each and every time. This is because we can provide large porcelain slabs in a variety of shades. Are you interested in neutral tones such as white, stone, camel, grey or black? Or perhaps you’d prefer a bold design to make a statement in your home? Whatever the case, Aurora Stone makes it as easy as possible to find the ideal option.

Rest assured, you will be able to find a design to complement the existing interior design of your home. After all, aesthetics can be just as important as functionality. So, when you turn to Aurora Stone for porcelain benchtops perth you can be sure to get the best of both worlds, along with a worthwhile investment and great value for money. 

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